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Getting Started

Super Quick Start

This cookbook is designed to "just work". So in base case scenario, all you have to do is create a layer and application with an optional assigned RDS data source, then add Recipes to the corresponding OpsWorks actions. The base scenario includes nginx as a web server, puma as application server, Ruby on Rails as framework, and no extra workers (sidekiq/resque/etc.). If this okay for you, and if you configured RDS and application properly from OpsWorks panel - you don't have to do anything else with those recipes.

Quick Start

Alternativelly, you can use a JSON configurator, which is a nice tool which would help you quickly generate Stack/Layer JSON (and hassle free). It supports, all the configuration parameters in most of the cases. If you wish to configure multiple apps, use the generator for each one of them separately.

Full configuration

You can always create your JSON file manually, just head to the Attributes section of this documentation, and check which one you need.

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